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Testimonial 001

I much enjoyed this novel. It talks to many of the challenges teenagers face these days; that is, on top of what teenagers always faced - the transition from a child to adult, but now also topped by social networks and technology. I’d recommend it to young adults but also to their parents. Good insights into the teen’s mind.

Testimonial 002

This is a story about a girl in India who wants to gain her independence. She is quite frustrated from having parents who cannot relate to her wish for a more modern life-style. She is also quite poor but she uses her wit to create the life she wishes to live. A lot of interesting lessons along the way. I don’t want to give too much of the story so I will just say that I enjoyed reading it, and although I have nothing to do with India, I could relate to her struggles and challenges.
By the way, when I finished reading I was curious to find out what happens next in her life as well as the lives of her friends and family. That is usually a good sign that the characters really captivated me. Hope there is a sequel in the making…

Testimonial 003

Very timely book, with the #MeToo movement and all. While what is happening with the older sister being abused at work is not the main plot, it is definitely a strong element that I guess the author used to highlight what is happening at the workplace, and, I guess, especially in places like India. A good read. I recommend.

Testimonial 004

I was wondering if this is based on a true story? It sure feels like one. I remember myself in that age - quite confused, first love, disliking my dad, unsure about some of my friends, if they are really friends or have an agenda… Good story. Recommend.

When I first got the book I wasn’t sure if it’s for me given its seemed like a novel for teenagers but I was pleasantly surprised. The writer wove a plot that spans several layers including many I could easily relate to. I found myself reading it with great interest, and even learning a thing or two in the process about a culture I am not that familiar to. But mostly I just enjoyed the characters that are well developed and relatable. Kudos.

Testimonial 005

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