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A coming-of-age story set primarily in New Delhi, India, with a sub-plot taking place in New York, Abby Virtually captures a young teenage girl's foray into global tech entrepreneurship against the backdrop of a society caught between modernity, traditional values, and the changing role of women.
Abhaya, an Indian teenager from New Delhi, India, cannot stand living at her parents’ home any longer. Sharing a room with an older sister, she distastes a father who is heavy on tradition. A brilliant programmer, Abhaya forges a secret life online, where she rents her services to clients around the world with a secret plan to make enough money, so she can run away from home. With its multiple layers, Abby Virtually introduces readers to themes including contemporary generational gap, ethnical prejudice, and violence against women. Yet where Abhaya’s journey ends up taking her, is the last place she would have ever imagined.
Abby, Virtually is published by Morgan James Publishing. It is available online (ebook) as of Sept 2018, and at bookstores as of Nov 2018. To stay tuned please follow Ronen on Facebook and Twitter.


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Reviews and Praises

This book brings back memories of my youth - the struggle for acceptance, finding a place in the world while trying to meet others’ expectations, first love, dreams of the future. It also vividly portrays the inequity in the world - between genders, between economic classes, between those in power and those who ‘serve’ them. Finally, it is about those who support our journey - and how being connected to them makes the journey worthwhile. Moving and timely story. Highly recommend!
— Stephanie Ann Hawley
I think it’s been over a decade since I last read a novel (I prefer non-fiction and have little patience for most stories). I picked up this book because it seemed like I might learn something from it even though it is a fiction book. I was very taken in by the descriptiveness of the many tensions - young vs old, tradition vs modern, East vs West, male vs female, religious vs non- religious, wealthy vs poor. I felt like I learned a great deal from the perspective of the young Indian girl (the main character in the story). The story both warmed my heart and broadened my perspective. Huge kudos to the author for his ability to draw in a reader like me who does not waste time on books unless I can truly learn something from it to help me be a better person. I had fun reading and learning from this book and look forward to this author’s future books.
— Valerie Berube

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Book receptions, readings and signings, past and currently scheduled:

  • Friday, October 26th, 2018, 6:30-7:30 PM, at Republic of Yoga, Cary, NC. Free event including a reception with Ronen Divon introducing the novel, followed by a short reading, Q & A, and concluding with book signing. Please note: it is not necessary to purchase the book to participate in this event. Middle-eastern desserts and healthy drinks will be served.

  • Sunday, November, 11th  3:00-5:00 PM, at the Ogle House, Downtown Cary, NC. Book reception for 'Abby, Virtually' with Ronen Divon and Sheila Ogle. RSVP required for this (free) event. RSVP link to follow. Please note: it is not necessary to purchase the book to participate in this event.

  • Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at 1:00–4:00 PM, at Dog-Eared Books, Raleigh, NC. Free event including book reading and signing. Please note: it is not necessary to purchase the book to participate in this event.

  • Book signing at Barnes & Noble on SE Maynard Rd, Cary, NC, is scheduled for late Nov / early Dec. Details to follow.

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Novel Dedication

Abby, Virtually, is dedicated to women everywhere. All beings are beautiful souls; having no gender, skin color, or ethnicity.


To my dearest wife, Yael, and my cherished kids; a source of constant inspiration.
Special thanks to Tamara Fish, whose assistance during the process of writing, proved crucial to completing this work. My thanks are also extended to Star Galler, who corrected many of my short stories, as I started on my writing career path. Star is also the one who suggested that this tale be made into a novel.
My gratitude to my MJP editor Lara, for her excellent guidance, as well as to my dear friend Scott Korbin, who introduced me to David. Thanks also for various helpers along the road, including but not limited to my family, Mary Payson, and Prarna Desai. Finally, big thanks to the entire Morgan James Publishing team, including David, Jim, Gayle, and many others, for making it all happen.

Special Thanks

… to the wonderful supporters that backed up my IndieGoGo campaign!
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